Success Academy Careers

Teach where your success matters, too.

Hiring Now!

We’re currently filling positions for the 2020-2021 academic school year for our schools and network office.

Located in New York City,
we serve 20,000 mostly low-income children of color who are outperforming the most affluent schools and districts in the city and state.

  • #1 in New York State

    Success Academy schools outperform wealthy suburbs, where the median income is up to six times that of Success Academy families.

  • 100% College Acceptance

    Our graduates have all received admission offers from selective universities.

Success Academy

We have reversed the achievement gap for thousands of New York City children.

  • 99% Meet or Exceed Math Standards

    Success Academy students of color outperform their white peers across the city by more than 30 points.

  • National Award Winner

    Success Academy is the recipient of the 2017 Broad Prize, awarded to charter management organizations supporting extraordinary achievement among black, Hispanic, and low-income students.

Teach Where Your Success Matters, Too

At Success Academy, remarkable people join together to build magical schools and help end the crisis in educational inequality.

We believe all children, regardless of socioeconomic status or zip code can achieve their dreams when given access to great schools, and it’s our responsibility to create that opportunity.”

— Eva Moskowitz Founder and CEO of Success Academy

COVID-19 Update: While SA schools have successfully transitioned to at-home learning for the time being, we are still actively hiring for next school year. Click here for details.