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Teacher Training NYC - Teacher working with students in the classroom

Teach where your success matters, too

​​​​​​​All degrees are welcome; jump-start your career with our training and advancement paths.
Featured Teaching Roles
A background or degree in education is not required; you'll receive immersive training, coaching, and mentorship.


Your first few years
Teaching is a craft that takes time to develop. 
Our schools are designed to give you more responsibility as you develop.

Associate Teacher
Work with a Lead Teacher, getting hands-on experience. Learn classroom management and how to engage students in academic lessons.
Lead Teacher
Learn how to run and lead a classroom and how to create an intellectual culture that challenges and engages students in the learning process.
Grade Team Lead
Help scale excellence across the school. In this role you get to manage a larger team, learn how to coach and develop others, and set a vision.
Teaching at Success Academy
We’re invested in your future success, that’s why we offer extensive career development and opportunities for rapid advancement.


Professional development
With a summer intensive, weekly training, daily coaching, and close collaboration with veteran teachers, you’ll develop skills like strategic planning, project management, public speaking, and data analysis that ensure you thrive in the classroom and in your future career.

Pathways to leadership
We are committed to promoting from within and as an SA teacher, you’ll receive training and support that allows you to pursue leadership roles both in and out of the classroom. 

Our culture
Immersed in the profound shared experience of helping all students fulfill their potential, you will find a home away from home in a workplace that is team-focused, fast-paced, mission-driven, and fun!

Diversity, equity, & inclusion
Building a diverse team and an inclusive culture is critical to our mission of upending structural inequities in public schooling and more than half of our teachers and school staff members are people of color. 

​​​​​​​A Day in the Life
Find out what it's like to be a teacher at Success Academy
Be Part of Our Success
Shape Classrooms & Leaders - Students raising hands in the classroom
Shape classrooms and leaders
Share your passion for your subject with K-12 students while deepening your knowledge with an inclusive, curriculum that inspires and empowers students.
Educate the Whole Child - Elementary school students working on an art project
Educate the whole child
Extracurriculars are woven into our curricula. Help inspire the next generation of athletes, artists, and champions through soccer, chess, dance and more.
Be the Future of Stem Education - Elementary school students conducting a science experiment
Be the future of STEM education
We are transforming K-12 science, technology, engineering, and math so every child gets an engaging education that gives them the necessary tools to pursue these fields.
What drew me to SA was the mission — providing a world-class education to all kids. Every student deserves an amazing education that not only prepares them for college but also equips them with the thinking and problem-solving skills they need to succeed in life.
Katherine Ennis
Harlem 6, 4th-grade teacher
Working as an operations associate, I can pursue my love for education while gaining skills that are relevant to my field and professional growth. From how we design school procedures to advocating for policy changes, everything at SA is aimed at innovating and improving education.
Mackenzie Raub
Harlem East, 8th-grade algebra teacher
As a Biology major, I wanted to go beyond the traditional applications of data. The assessment associate role was the most rewarding job I could have asked for because I got to use big data to directly benefit every individual scholar.
Maya Sinclair
Harlem East, History teacher
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