Redefining what’s possible in public education


Who we are
Our network of over 50 schools serves 20,000 students who are predominantly children of color from low-income households — we are the fifth-largest public school system in New York State and the highest performing by a wide margin.
Our mission
Our dual mission is to build world-class schools that empower children to thrive in college and in life; and to advocate to overturn policies that block children from accessing educational opportunities.
Our culture
Our talented staff members are curious and team-oriented, and together create an invigorating workplace infused with camaraderie, humor, and a shared passion for delivering life-changing opportunities for kids.
Our advocacy
We advocate side-by-side with colleagues and parents for educational justice for all students. We meet with elected officials, author op-eds, and lead rallies and letter-writing campaigns to change policies that prevent access to great public schools.
Our values
We live and breathe our values of ETHOS, Excellence, Team, Humor, Ownership, and Scholars, and we embed these values in our collective lens in order to achieve our mission.

We practice an “excellence reflex,” an instinct to fix something that isn't right and to care deeply about the quality of our work.
We respect and value each team member and always are supportive. We share, we help, we lend our expertise, and we row our oars with synchronicity.
Whether it’s being padlocked out of our own schools or a scholar’s guileless observation, crazy things happen at Success Academy and we take time to laugh at them.
We all put in the effort to execute at a high level. Each one of us is empowered to make an impact; we feel directly responsible for our schools’ and students’ success.
Our scholars are at the center of every action that we take. We continuously push the envelope to improve how we educate and care for our kids.
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