Fight Educational Inequality

The strengths developed in the military — adaptability, teamwork, mental toughness, and cross-cultural communication — are also the hallmarks of our most successful teachers and staff members. Our goal is to leverage the many talents of veterans and their spouses in service of children.

Connect and Apply

We have a dedicated team of military veteran recruiters who will respond to emails, review all resumes, support veterans during the interview and onboarding process, and offer opportunities to network with other veterans.

Get in touch by submitting your resume or any questions to


Step 1


Submit your resume and a cover letter online to apply. Please also email veterans@successacademies.org to ensure you are connected with our military veteran recruiters.

Step 2

Phone Interview

If your application suggests that you are a strong fit for our organization, we will schedule an initial interview. At this time, our team may also recommend additional positions that fit your skills.

Step 3

In-person Interview

Following a successful phone call, you will be invited for an in-person meeting. Depending upon the position, you may have one-on-one or group interview(s).

Step 4


If you are accepted for a school role, you will be placed at one of our 47 schools across Brooklyn, the Bronx, Manhattan, and Queens. All Network Office employees work at 95 Pine Street in Manhattan.

Working at Success Academy

Hear from military veterans about their experience redefining what’s possible in public education.

From Platoon Leader to Business Operations Manager

William “Tunde” Osilaja joined Success Academy as a Business Operations Manager in September 2016. Tunde graduated from West Point in 2011 and served for five years in the United States Army. Success Academy offered the ideal opportunity to work in education and put to use the operations and leadership skills he gained in the Army. Learn more about how Tunde impacts scholar lives every day.

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My missions taught me that teamwork across units and branches is the foundation for success and that time management is incredibly important. These skills make me a better educator.