Special Education Teacher Jobs

A disability is not an inability.

Success Academy has an innovative schooling model that achieves outstanding results at scale, and our approach to supporting children with the highest educational needs is just as radical.

We believe that the best way to support children with special needs is to help them close in on the benchmarks we set for all children — so we help scholars achieve one short-term goal after another for outstanding learning outcomes over time. We call this approach Sprint, and it stems from the core belief that disability does not mean inability.

Special Education Roles

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Related Services:

  • All of our schools have school psychologists that provide professional support and counseling for scholars who need it.
  • We also work with the New York City Department of Education and external agencies to ensure speech, occupational, and physical therapists are available for our scholars with Related Service Needs.

Sprint Programming
(varies by grade and across schools):

  • Because of our core commitment to every child, we have always deployed techniques typically reserved for special education settings — such as parallel teaching and utilizing manipulatives — in all of our classrooms. Our Sprint interventions purposefully expand on our general model for children with learning challenges.
  • We offer Integrated Co-Teaching (ICT) in all grades K–12.
  • We offer 12:1:1 classes in the grades that we believe to be most appropriate for those scholars requiring this academic service; these may change. At this time we do not offer the 12:1:1 class setting in grades K-2.

We devote considerable resources to serving scholars with special needs, and our schools have an exceptional track record of helping children achieve at a high level.

Empowering Scholars

Members of our community share their scholars’ success stories.

In one year, Chelsea has grown from a Level T to a level W (meeting 5th grade expectations). She is an active and willing participant in class and in her special education services. Her mindset towards school has completely shifted and she displays much more confidence!

Sprint Success: Franlo’s Progress

"My son and I are fortunate we found a school so invested in students, no matter their ZIP code, race or disability status. I want more parents to watch their children reach their potential."

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