A revolutionary way of teaching

Science is an essential part of our curriculum and, as such, requires dedicated teachers. We prioritize building a community of scientists, and Success Academy Science Teachers from across our network train and collaborate as a team to deliver the highest-quality instruction to scholars.

Science Teacher Opportunities

Our program is built on encouraging scholars to truly understand core science ideas and inspiring them to apply those ideas in new and different ways. Our kids become critical thinkers and skill builders, rather than fact memorizers.

Claire Bartkus | Director of Science

Thinking Like Scientists

Our rigorous program starts early

Scholars participate in discovery based science five days a week, starting in kindergarten, and complete about 150 experiments each year. That strong base of knowledge in the younger grades allows us to provide advanced middle and high school courses including physics in 9th grade.

Elementary School

Our teachers believe in their scholars’ capacity to be innovators and researchers at any age. Five days a week, Success Academy K-4 scholars dive into hands-on experiments, celebrating curiosity and honing a passion for discovery.

Middle School

The adventures continue in middle school, where our teachers prioritize the development of scholar independence and leadership in scientific inquiry. Scholars don’t wait to be called on; they confidently lead each other through vibrant discussions akin to a college-level science lab.

High School

With years of scientific exploration behind them, our high school scholars focus on cultivating scientific expertise. Teachers serve as rich resources in our MIT-inspired fabrication laboratory, where scholars spend hours each week collaborating across disciplines such as robotics, mechanical design, and quantitative physics.