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Success Academy Has Gone Remote

#HiringNow: For the 2021-22 School Year

The team at Success Academy has faced the Coronavirus crisis with a robust response to protect our families and staff — and to ensure that scholars continue to learn at a high level. The team at Success Academy has faced the Coronavirus crisis with a robust response to protect our families and staff — and to ensure that scholars continue to learn at a high level. We opened our schools in a fully remote model in August 2020, and will back on campus for the 2021-22 school year!!

Hiring for our schools has not slowed down. We are currently filling positions for the 2021-22 school year. Our Talent Acquisition team is actively filling teaching roles and positions at our network office. We encourage you to submit an application and someone will reach out to you right away!

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Succeeding Together Through Remote Learning

Thanks to the ingenuity, talent, and can-do attitude of our educators, SA's transition to remote schooling has been as smooth as possible in these challenging circumstances. Our scholars' attendance has remained sky-high and they are engaged and learning. Based on our experiences in the spring, we launched a refined "2.0" version of remote schooling in August! We are committed to ensuring our kids continue to receive an outstanding education and that our educators have the resources, training, and support they need to succeed.

A Remote Day in the Life: Elementary Edition

Peek inside a day in the life of an elementary school student in this Day in the Life video.

Beyond Zoom: Remote Possibilities

"As an educator, I have never worked harder, but it's never been more worth it because the stakes have never been higher."

Mr. Escano
5th Grade STEM

How SA is Doing Remote Learning Differently

Success entered the Covid-19 crisis particularly well-positioned for remote learning thanks to several distinctive features of our schools. SA teachers already worked with a centralized and fully digitized curriculum and accessed daily lesson plans and classroom materials on an internal online platform. Our scholars from grade four onward complete schoolwork and receive feedback electronically on school-issued Chromebooks, and in April, we distributed tablets with styluses to all scholars in grades K-3.

Set up for Success.

Our educators have SA-issued Chromebooks with a full suite of applications that include Zoom for video-conferencing, Slack for instantaneous messaging, and Trello for cross-team project management. With these resources, they have been able to continue to plan and collaborate with colleagues around a shared curriculum, receive coaching and training from instructional leaders, and deliver a full schedule of great remote instruction to our scholars.

What Our Remote Teachers Are Saying

Our schools are distinguished by a robust culture of partnership, teamwork, and strong relationships between adults, kids, and families. This culture has carried over to remote schooling and our educators continue to work in close collaboration with each other and SA families and to enjoy support and camaraderie within a close-knit professional community.

The remote learning experience has shifted my perspective for the better. SA has made the transition from traditional to remote teaching completely seamless. While this pandemic has stripped me of precious moments spent with my scholars in the classroom, I'm grateful for the space, technology, and SA's willingness to allow me to keep doing what I love.

Working at Success Academy has given me so many opportunities. Being around the scholars (both remotely and in-person) has been just an amazing experience. It is beyond impressive that SA gives scholars the ability to learn debate at such a young age. The program provides fundamental life skills that they will take with them into the real world.

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COVID Update: SA schools will be back on campus for the 2021-22 school year!