Middle School Teacher Jobs

Building skills for the future.

Teaching at Success Academy middle schools means working with scholars who are experiencing dramatic growth, both academically and emotionally. Working closely with school teams, teachers cultivate their scholars’ emotional maturity and academic independence, helping them build the foundation they need to thrive in rigorous, college-prep high schools.

Middle School Teacher Roles

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Specialization & Achievement

Middle School teachers specialize in one subject and through ongoing training and coaching, gain deep mastery of our world-class curriculum, hand-crafted by a specialized network team. Working with great literary texts, fascinating and diverse primary and secondary sources, and engrossing, rigorous problems and experiments in the STEM fields, teachers challenge scholars to become sophisticated thinkers, writers, and problem solvers, and set them on the path to college success.

A Day in the Life of a Middle School English Teacher

"In this job, more than any other I’ve ever had, the positive contributions I’m making are obvious — I can see the impact I’m having."

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See what a day in the life of a teacher looks like at Success Academy

Sir Isaac Newton Transforms SA’s Science Symposium

When the middle school science team realized that the annual Science Symposium would need to be held remotely, they set to work looking for a solution — and a silver lining.

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The Path to College and Beyond

Colleges by design are very independent places, and starting in middle school we give scholars the direct instruction and time to practice the collegiate work habits that will set them up for success. Exposure to an extensive elective program allows scholars to discover the talents and passions they will take forward into their careers.

Our very intentional focus on college persistence beginning in middle school is incredibly unique. It’s something that makes us one of the most revolutionary schools around the world.

I’m a New Analyst at an Up-and-Coming Financial Firm - Here’s Why I Love My Job!

This January, SA Bed-Stuy Middle School scholars had the incredible opportunity to visit the New York Stock Exchange. 6th grade scholar, Skye Flores, discusses how her Financial Markets class was brought to life during this trip.

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Virtual School

Success Academy scholars guide visitors through a unique, immersive view of our middle school design.

The middle school status quo simply won’t do. Middle school should be an exhilarating time of development and independence, and our job is to empower students to make the most of that.