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Build a revolutionary high school from the ground up.

At Success Academy High School of the Liberal Arts, we’re reinventing the 9 -12 experience to make it intellectually demanding and deeply engaging. Our K-8 program provides the critical foundation for a sophisticated collegiate experience in high school.

High School Teacher Roles

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At HSLA, we’ve merged a rigorous curriculum and thinking culture with deep engagement and broad electives. You’ll be part of a team of educators determined to make every aspect of high school — from academics, to talent development, to character growth — as meaningful as possible for our students.

Prepare Young Adults for High School and Beyond

We provide scholars with a rigorous and exciting high school experience, aimed at getting them to the college of their dreams while instilling the skills, passion, and advanced academic knowledge they need to thrive once on campus.

Scholars tackle collegiate-style academics, discover and develop their talents, and forge special bonds with peers and faculty as they grow into informed, thoughtful citizens.

Through this magical educational experience, we’re preparing scholars to succeed in college and in life.

I see Success as the most promising lever in changing college dropout statistics.

Success Academy Class of 2024: 100% College Bound!

We are so proud to announce that every member of Success Academy’s Class of 2024 is college bound! Our seniors, all 98 of them, have been pioneers for their entire lives. It comes as no surprise that they were accepted to over 100 colleges.

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Success Academy High School of Liberal Arts: FAQs

At Success Academy, the high school experience is intellectually demanding and deeply engaging. We compiled some of the most frequently asked questions from middle schoolers across the network to help shine some light on the SA high school experience.

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Virtual School

Step inside our high school to explore our revolutionary school design and approach to college preparation and persistence.

What is exciting 10 years from now? It's our alums. When our kids are running major organizations and institutions, we will have accomplished something very special.