Elementary School Teacher Jobs

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As an elementary school teacher at Success Academy, you work closely and collaboratively with a team of new and experienced teachers and staff to create magical communities where children love to learn. Working with a rich, fascinating curriculum, and utilizing progressive, student-centered teaching methods that challenge scholars to think critically and creatively, you create classrooms filled with curiosity and the thrill of discovery and help scholars soar toward excellence.

Elementary School Teacher Roles

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Fall In Love with Learning

As an Elementary School Teacher, you’ll spark intellectual curiosity and passion in our young scholars.

In order for our kids to fall in love with learning, we need our kids to fall in love with the power of their own ideas.

Keeping up with Keagan! A Day in the Life of a Success Academy Scholar

Keagan is a fourth grader at Success Academy Williamsburg. We were lucky enough to join Keagan for a day at school, and saw firsthand just how much this determined scholar can accomplish when he sets his mind to it.

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Be a class leader

Build relationships and a strong culture within your classroom by developing scholars as intellectuals and as individuals.

See what a day in the life of a teacher looks like at Success Academy

Each class creates unique cheers — a powerful and joyous way to celebrate scholars and the community.

Virtual School

Our virtual school provides a unique, 360-degree view of our elementary school design. Relevant video and content are embedded in the school, allowing visitors to explore at their own pace.

It is so important to have great, free, public schools that revolve around critical thinking and really focus on the whole child’s education.