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As an Entry-Level Teacher, you will hit the ground running to support students in the classroom by teaching small groups and leading whole-class instruction using an inquiry-based, rigorous curriculum that inspires intellectual curiosity, reinforces the joy of learning, and enables all students to thrive.

Collaboration is key to success in this fast-track position: be ready to work closely with other teachers, receive feedback from leaders, and develop meaningful relationships with students and parents. Join this elite team today.

Entry-Level Teacher positions are filled on a rolling basis.

Entry-Level Teacher Roles

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Jumpstart Your Career in Teaching

Hear from faculty members about their learning experiences as Entry-Level Teachers.

The great thing about being an Associate Teacher is that you never feel like you’re the assistant. You play a vital role in shaping your classroom.

Getting the Learning Environment Right — From the Start

The first weeks of school at Success Academy are always intensely focused on creating an outstanding learning environment, and that means a lot of time spent on routines and expectations in the classroom.

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What I Learned from My Mentor Teacher

Former Entry-Level Teachers reflect on their first year teaching alongside a lead teacher and share what helped them improve and become strong lead teachers themselves.

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