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Become an Assistant Principal

Assistant Principals are an integral part of our leadership team, managing teachers and building curriculums that innovate new ways of schooling.

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About the Assistant Principal Role

Our assistant principal jobs consist of the following responsibilities: 

  • Acting as a chief visionary and culture keeper
  • Creating a learning environment of excellence
  • Managing the performance and development of teachers
  • Providing training, coaching and feedback to staff members
  • Maintaining a high level of accountability for school performance

We invite you to apply if you:

  • Have three years of instructional experience and 1 -3 years of leadership experience for grades K-12
  • Have a progressive mindset and alignment with education reform
  • Have a well-developed emotional intelligence and leadership attributes
  • Demonstrate the ability to deliver rigorous engaging instruction
  • Possess the agility to adapt in an ever changing environment

Hear from Our Assistant Principals

Kendra Underwood

William Abbott

Assistant Principal
Fort Greene Elementary School

Principal (Former Assistant Principal)
Hell's Kitchen Elementary School

"Success for me is tied directly to the positive impact I can have on the lives of others. I’m a leader at SA because my students deserve to know every day that they are valued for who they are and what they contribute to the world."

 "I have changed a lot as a leader and manager. The combination of consistent feedback loops and network professional development have helped me become a more decisive and confident leader."

Our Approach 

Why Lead at Success Academy

Coaching & Mentorship

Training will provide resources and coaching required to become exceptional school leaders. Assistant Principals function as Principals-in-training, receiving comprehensive professional development that will hone their craft until they are ready to lead a Success Academy school at the highest level.

Community & Culture

Drive instruction and create a school culture of scholarship through multiple practices, with a focus on Science, Math and Humanities:

Manage Teachers to form relationships with students and their families and hold these critical constituencies responsible for outstanding academic and cultural outcomes.

Accelerated Pathway to Leadership

We believe that the best training involves authentic practice and real-time feedback. As core members of our leadership team, Assistant Principals assume greater responsibility and accountability for delivering student results as their time in the role progresses. 

Application Process






Virtual Interview(s)

Submit your application—remember that strong writing is the first indicator that you’re a fit for SA, so be sure to proofread and edit.

If you are hired for a school role, you will be placed at one of our 47 schools across Brooklyn, the Bronx, Manhattan, and Queens.

Every qualified candidate will be invited for a virtual interview.

You have questions, we have answers


What is a charter school?

Charter schools are unzoned public schools that by law must admit anyone who applies by blind lottery. Charters are funded and regulated by the state but are run (in most states) by non-profit organizations.

Charters are independent and may create proprietary learning experiences for students.

What is the SA mission?

Our dual mission is to: Build exceptional, world-class public schools that prove children from all backgrounds can succeed in college and life; and advocate across the country to change public policies that prevent so many children from having access to opportunity.

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