Success Mindset

We seek candidates with a bachelor’s degree and an outstanding record of academic achievement. Our ideal candidates exemplify these key characteristics:

Ready to Lead

You’re inspired to lead, and you measure your personal and professional growth by the leadership skills you acquire. Our organization is designed to encourage and reward leadership whether you’re in front of a class or working with colleagues.

Hard working

You’re driven to do your very best, and you’ve never been afraid to put in the hard work to achieve at a high-level. We provide incomparable support and mentorship, but you are ultimately responsible for your own success and the success of our scholars.


You care about making the world a better place, and you’re ready to dig in to make that happen. We’re redefining what’s possible in public education and we’re looking for like-minded people to join us.


We inspire students to become lifelong learners and expect you to be one too. You revel in your ability to grow and change according to need and welcome feedback and coaching that will help you achieve your goals.

Emotionally Intelligent

You build strong relationships based on trust with colleagues and students, and with parents, recognizing that they are an essential partner in our work. And you have the depth to navigate it all judiciously and empathetically.

Application Process

Step 1


Once you’ve found a job at Success Academy that speaks to you, submit your application. Strong writing is very important to us so take care with your application materials.

Step 2

Video Interview

If your application suggests that you are a strong fit for our organization, we may schedule an on demand-video interview. At this time, our team may also recommend additional positions that fit your skills.

Step 3

In-person Interview(s)

Every candidate will be invited for an in-person meeting if your qualifications fit the role. Depending upon the position, you may have one-on-one or group interview(s).

Step 4


If you are accepted for a school role, you will be placed at one of our 47 schools across Brooklyn, the Bronx, Manhattan, and Queens. All Network Office employees work at 95 Pine Street in Manhattan.

Your path to Success doesn't end with your first day —
we’re committed to helping you grow and progress within our organization.

Tips for Success

Do Your Homework

Familiarize yourself with our organization. All the information you need can be found here, on SuccessAcademies.org, on our social media channels, and in our virtual schools.

Share Your Story

Craft a well-written resume that communicates your skills and interest in Success Academy. Thoughtfully tailor your application materials to the position and our organization.


Don’t let a simple mistake detract from your application.

Impress During Your Interview

Be punctual and dress professionally for in-person interviews and video calls. If you are dialing into a phone or video interview, reserve a quiet space for the call, and check your tech in advance.

Contribute Thoughtfully

In a group interview, collaborate and share your perspective with fellow candidates.

Be Yourself

Relax and let us see who you really are! If you’re the right fit, we’ll find the position for you.

Connect with Us

Find out who you know at Success Academy! Connect with our current employees and join the conversation on LinkedIn to gain insight into our culture and dual mission.

COVID-19 Update: While SA schools have successfully transitioned to at-home learning for the time being, we are still actively hiring for next school year. Click here for details.