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Where passionate leaders redefine
what's possible in public education.

In New York City, low-income black and Hispanic students are trapped in a system that fails them: four out of five do not complete high school, or graduate unprepared for college.


Success Academy set out to tackle this educational crisis more than a decade ago, with a groundbreaking school design that delivers a rigorous, whole-child education to students from all backgrounds. Today, our network of 47 K-12 schools outperforms every district in the state, proving irrefutably that all children are capable of excellence.

Teach Where Your Success Matters, Too

When you join Success Academy, you join a team working to solve the most pressing social issue of our day. In New York City alone, hundreds of thousands of black and Hispanic students are woefully underserved by their public schools: three quarters are reading and doing math below grade level. At Success Academy, educators join together in a fast-paced, innovative environment to close opportunity gaps for kids.


Build exceptional, world-class public schools that prove children from all backgrounds can succeed in college and life; and advocate across the country to change public policies that prevent so many children from having access to opportunity.

Advocate for educational justice.

When you join our team, you join a community fighting for educational justice for all students, not just those in our schools. At Success Academy, you have the unique opportunity to advocate side-by-side with parents to change policies that prevent access to great public schools. Together, we meet with elected officials, author op-eds, and lead rallies and letter-writing campaigns. We also work to advance school improvement nationwide, by sharing our proven model through the Success Academy Education Institute.

Awards & Recognition

Thanks to the extraordinary work of our educators and staff, Success Academy schools have been nationally recognized and honored.

Eva Moskowitz

Founder and CEO

A longtime Harlem resident and mother of three (including two Success Academy scholars), Success Academy’s Founder and CEO Eva Moskowitz began her leadership in education reform as a New York City Councilmember and Education Committee chair. Success Academy’s distinctive school design grew out of those experiences, as did Eva’s impassioned advocacy for national reform. As CEO, Eva is engaged in all aspects of Success Academy, from leading advocacy campaigns, to directly managing eight schools, to cultivating rising leaders across the organization.

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