Scholar Talent Teaching Jobs

Your talent is integral to our Success.

At Success, non-academic subjects aren’t “extra” but essential. Scholar Talent and electives serve as critical, creative outlets for scholars to explore and develop passions and talents in athletics, chess, debate, and visual and performing arts. We expect specials teachers to be masters of their craft and share their love and expertise.

Scholar Talent Teacher Opportunities

You’re the Expert

As a specials teacher, you get to share your passion, talent, and experience, and help to develop what the subject looks like at your school. Hear from our teachers about their impact.

Why Fun is the Name of the Game at SA Soccer Camp

"When I was offered the opportunity to start a soccer program that would upend the status quo, I couldn’t resist. We have started a one-of-a-kind program that puts children at SA elementary schools on a path to gain the skills to compete with the best soccer players in the state and the country."

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Success Academy Teacher Activist Stages a Comeback

"Whether my scholars are performing in a hallway, a classroom, or even a former storage closet, they will raise their voices in the face of forces and systems that might attempt to silence them."

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Finding Our Rhythm: Making Music at Success

"As a teacher and a musician, my greatest goal is to have scholars learn to enjoy music. I want them to be thrilled about making and listening to songs. If I can instill that joy in scholars at an early age, I hope that they’ll carry it with them, in addition to whatever other passions they decide to pursue."

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COVID-19 Update: In August, SA schools opened for all 20,000 of our K-12 students using a fully remote model, which will continue through at least December 2020. We are actively hiring for the 2021-22 school year. Click here for details.