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We are seeking exceptional candidates from all professional backgrounds interested in developing leadership competencies as Principals-in-training. At the end of the 24-month fellowship, you will be fully prepared to step into the role of a school Principal.

This spring, we'll welcome our inaugural class of Robertson Leadership Fellows: talented leaders from across industry who will help to chart the future of public education. An accelerated path to school leadership at Success Academy, the Fellowship provides intensive training, rich experiential learning, real-time coaching and feedback, and comprehensive support designed to help you build your professional capacity as you learn the ins and outs of running outstanding schools.

Our Approach

In-Depth Training

In-Depth Training

Alongside Success Academy Principals and Assistant Principals, you will receive intensive training in leadership from disruptors at the forefront of education, policy, and social justice, with in-depth opportunities to study and practice vital skills including planning, prioritization, problem-solving, and people management.

Real-World Practice

Real-World Practice

As a Fellow, you'll spend your days as part of one of our 47 school communities across New York City. Each day, you'll be coached in the skills of effective school leadership, then have the opportunity to apply them right away. Expect meaningful engagement with students, teachers, and other leaders, along with intensive support and feedback to help you hone your capacity for impact.

Birds-Eye View

Birds-Eye View

You’ll gain fluency in strong school management systems, engaging with central office teams overseeing operations, data analytics, and curriculum development. As a second-year Fellow, you may participate in a a project focused on an enterprise-wide priority.

Expert coaching, mentorship, & collaboration

Expert coaching, mentorship, & collaboration

Throughout the program, you will benefit from coaching, feedback, and mentorship from a Success Academy Principal. You will also share challenges and reflect with peers in the program, forging a strong network of talented, mission-driven leaders that will last through your career.

Program Structure

Over the course of the two year program, you master our school design and develop deep knowledge of instruction, data analytics, and people and performance management. Gaining a unique combination of training, real-world practice, and mentorship, you embed at two distinct SA campuses, giving you the opportunity to experience different school cultures and leadership styles. Upon completion of the program, Robertson Fellows will be equipped with the education expertise and leadership skills to ensure that the school design and approach that has been so successful for Success families in New York City can be applied or adapted across the country.

Cohort Bootcamp

Your Fellowship kicks off with a two-week cohort training to introduce you to the basics of school design and school leadership, and to Success Academy culture and values. From there, you spend 4-8 weeks with our home office team, getting a first-hand look at our approach to systems, technology, and operations (Apr-Jun).

Leader Training

In July, you participate in leader and teacher training alongside Success Academy Principals, Assistant Principals, and Teachers, diving into the key competencies of school leadership and gaining expertise in Success Academy’s curriculum and instructional model. All of this prepares you for the most important step in your Fellowship: Joining your school community.

Year 1: Build Instructional Expertise

To deepen your understanding of Success Academy’s approach to teaching and learning, you work with a teacher in a classroom for approximately four months in Year 1 (Aug-Dec). During this time, you participate in a specialized track of SA’s training program for new teachers, to advance your own practice and get a first-hand look at our approach to teacher development.

Year 1: Lead a Team

In the final months of Year 1, you move into a role similar to that of Assistant Principal. You receive regular coaching and feedback as you lead a team of teachers to instructional excellence and play an active role on the leadership team. Your charge: Helping to cultivate a culture of academic excellence, deep engagement, and joy (Jan-Jun).

Year 2: Grow Your Leadership

In Year 2, you assume an Assistant Principal role at a second school so you can experience the same design under new leadership. With continued coaching and mentorship, you assume greater responsibility for positively evolving the school’s adult culture and growing school excellence through key decisions about systems, staffing, data analysis, and operations (Aug-Jun).

Application Process

Step 1


Ready to lead? Apply now! Remember: We value strong writing so take care with your application materials.

Step 2

Phone Interview

If your application suggests that you may be a fit, we will schedule an initial phone interview.

Step 3

In-Person Interview(s)

You will be invited for an in-person meeting if your qualifications are potentially the right fit for a Robertson Leadership Fellowship. You may participate in both one-on-one and group interviews.

Step 4

Acceptance and Placement

If you are extended an offer, you will be notified and will join your peers at The Robertson Center in midtown Manhattan for initial training in April and will receive a school placement at one of our 47 schools. In Year 2, you will receive placement at a second school.