High School Teacher

Build a revolutionary high school from the ground up.

Success Academy high schools are revolutionizing the experience for students in grades 9 -12. Our first class of scholars will graduate in 2018 and has been defying the odds and achieving outstanding results since kindergarten.

High School Teacher Opportunities

We’re in an exciting, rare chapter. You are going to be hard-pressed to find a place where you can contribute more to a school and its community than you can right now at Success Academy’s high school.
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Prepare Young Adults for High School and Beyond

Every aspect of our high school focuses on college persistence. While research shows college graduation is an enormous challenge for low-income children of color nationwide, every Success Academy teacher works collaboratively toward the end goal: not only getting all scholars into the college of their dreams, but giving them the skills, passion, and advanced academic knowledge they need to thrive and graduate in four years.

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One Job, Two Hats: The Dual Mission of HSLA Teachers

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In My Book Club, I Discovered the Power of Talking Back

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I expect every mind in the building to help us design the 9-12 years to ensure we're making good on our promise to have an amazing high school but also to get kids to college and get them through.